SHOOTING: 2 days during week of July 3rd July

PRODUCT: A ‘tissue product’

FEE: The parent will get a shoot fee (day rate) of £300 and the children will get a BSF of £190 each. Then the buyout fee for the family is £1,000 (the fee you get as compensation for your image having been used in a TV commercial)


WE’RE LOOKING FOR ‘YUMMY MUMMYS’ WITH 2/3 CHILDREN AGED BETWEEN 5 – 8 YEARS OLD. WE NEED A FAMILY WHO LOVE TO TALK, GIGGLE AND PLAY AND A MUM WHO LOVES TO HEAR WHAT THEY’VE ALL BEEN UP TO…. If we can include as many Mummy VLOGGERS or BLOGGERS as possible (if thats you please tell us about it including the number of followers you have.)

HOW TO SUBMIT: If you’re a Mum (or stay@home Dad) with two or more kids between 5 years – 8 years and you’d like to give it a go (& lets not forget what will be a very nice fee for one/two days work!), here’s what I need you to do:

Please shoot a short (60 seconds MAX) video clip on your phone (ideally can you get a friend to shoot the video, but if necessary set it up to ‘self-tape’). The video should be no longer than 60 seconds & first off please say your name, age, height & the age of your children… This video is simply to show the director what your and your children’s personalities are like. so PLEASE be natural & if your son does rabbit ears behind yr head – let him! If you could then tell us a bit about you, your life and your family (in particular your children). Please introduce your children on camera too & let them be themselves – if they are fighting behind you – LEAVE IT IN!

Take this opportunity to tell us about your’s & your kid’s personalities & what makes you happy… in 60 secs! (try to fill your video with laughing and giggling etc)

Watch this video for an example of how to Shoot your video clip:

Now this video is simply for the director & Ad Agency to choose which of you should be short-listed for doing a Skype audition.

Once you’ve finished the video clip please email it to: camilla@camillaarthurcasting.com and put ‘Yummy Mummy video’ on the subject line.

If your children have a different surname than you please mention in your covering email.