When you go to see Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, keep an eye out for the great many cameos and ‘authentic cast’ I provided.

In the ‘fashion show’ scene, we filled the first three rows of the audience with the REAL thing: Lucinda Chambers, Dylan Jones, Tinie Tempah, Abbey Clancy, Foxes, Sadie Frost, the ENTIRE fashion dept of British Vogue, etc. It looked just like every fashion week show!

For the fashion week party’ I got every ‘It Girl’ & ‘It Boy’ in London, they all knew each other socially, thereby ensuring that they weren’t standing around looking like extras – they looked like what they actually were! Amongst the 130 party guests we got were Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe, Nick Grimshaw, Gwendoline Christie, and the cast of ‘Made in Chelsea’, with Miquita Oliver reporting from the red carpet.

The ‘Drag Queen’ scene was so much fun to cast. I found them 90 Drag Queens, ALL of whom arrived in full-costume, make-up and camera-ready for a 6am call time! This of course meant that there was no hair, make-up NOR wardrobe needed for any of them!